Nudge Bars are commonly referred to as Bull Bars. Nudge Bars are manufactured in Polished Stainless Steel and Black Coated Stainless Steel.  Nudge Bars are usually used to enhance the vehicle looks, providing the SUV or bakkie with a sleeker/richer finish.

Nudge Bars are available for most bakkies and SUVs (new and older models) in some cases. Most of the Nudge Bars come with Airbag Insurance. Should your airbags not deploy if you are in an accident, you are normally covered. Please confirm this with your insurance company.  This is to ensure peace of mind when fitting a Nudge Bar to your Vehicle.

If you wish to combine a rugged style with something practical, the nudge bar is perfect. Nudge Bars are available for a wide range of bakkies and SUVs.

Roll Bars and Sports Bars are available for most makes of vehicles such as the VW Amarok, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Landcruiser, Quantum, Isuzu D-Max, Isuzu Xrider, Nissan Navara, Nissan NP200, etc., to name a few.

Roll Bars are normally manufactured in Polished Stainless Steel Chrome or Black Coated Stainless Steel, where available. Lately, Roll Bars are usually also referred to as Sports Bars or Styling Bars.

All a Roll Bar or Sports Bar does is that it provides more of an aesthetic look than anything else. 

Kit out your Bakkie or SUV with our stylish range of the latest Roll Bars or Sports Bar, contact our sales team for details.