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MAXE’s OEM-Approved Light Commercial Vehicle Accessories range for Toyota Landcruiser available through the dealer networks includes nudge, roll and bull bars as well as headlight wraparounds.

Innovation and Excellence

MAXE is an OEM-Approved Accessories Manufacturer of Toyota South Africa for Quality Assurance, Safety, Reliability and Durability. To view the range of pre-approved rust resistant stainless steel vehicle accessories available through the dealer networks, please click on the link below.


Over 25 years experience in manufacturing OEM-Approved Accessories.

Safety Aspects

We place increasing importance on the engineering and safety aspects built into our products.

R & D

MAXE’s strong research and development team works closely with all motor vehicle manufacturers, consistently setting new industry standards with safety at the forefront of our developments.

Durability Testing

All MAXE products undergo Durability Testing to ensure they can withstand the most extreme South African road conditions.

Side Impact Certified

MAXE side steps are tested and approved for side airbag deployment.


MAXE’s Accessories do not affect owner’s warranties on new motor vehicles.


All MAXE products undergo stringent safety and quality testing.

Airbag Compatibility Testing

All our front-end bars, such as nudge bars, undergo Airbag Compatibility and Compliance Testing.


MAXE accessories are often copied, but never matched, and consumers should be aware of untested, cheaper imitations.

Product Range

MAXE manufactures rust resistant stainless steel nudge bars, headlight  wraparounds, bull bars, roll bars, side steps, running boards and side bars for the Toyota Landcruiser vehicle range. To view the MAXE OEM-Approved Toyota Landcruiser vehicle accessories range, please click on the link below.

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