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MAXE manufactures rust resistant stainless steel products for various markets, namely OEM-Approved available through dealer networks, Lifestyle Aftermarket Accessories, Fleet and Commercial Trucks.

Premium Automotive Accessories

We specialise in helping our customers personalise their vehicles, to best represent their personal style, through our range of rust resistant stainless steel premium automotive and truck accessories.  Our products are available throughout South Africa including some sub-Saharan African countries such as Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe as well as Mauritius.  For more detail on our range of products please contact our sales team.

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OEM-Approved Accessories

We engineer and manufacture a range of approved accessories for various makes and models for all Original Equipment Manufacturers by collaborating with all major brands in design.  These rust resistant stainless steel accessories are available throughout  dealer networks countrywide.

Lifestyle Accessories

Our MAXE Lifestyle Accessories range allows our customers to fit premium quality rust resistant stainless steel automotive accessories at their leisure by purchasing directly from MAXEapproved fitment centres.

Fleet Accessories

Customised solutions for all company and  individual requirements.

Truck Accessories

MAXE’s range includes heavy-duty rust resistant stainless steel truck accessories for all major truck brands locally and within Africa.

“We have always prided ourselves in providing solutions to our customers that make them proud of their vehicles.  We have always maintained highly quality and manufacturing standards without deviations or compromises.”

CEO, Kevin White.

“I have been with MAXE for 17 years.  One of my vehicles still has its MAXE bar and it still looks exceptionally good.  That was a really great buy.”

“I wanted quality, and that’s why I went for a MAXE bar!”

“They are OEM approved, so there must be a level of trust, and that’s why I went for MAXE.”

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