The vehicle accessory you never knew you needed (but do!)


Own an SUV, LCV, Mini-Bus, Crossover or even a smaller truck? The MLA Tire Step is for you.



Always struggling to reach up there?

Enter the MLA Tire-Step!

This ingenious piece of gear is ideal for anyone who needs to reach the roof of their vehicle to load gear, clean- or repair it. In addition, it allows one to reach the centre of the bonnet and windscreen to help with washing.

The MLA Tire-Step has been customised specifically for South African consumers and conditions; from humid coastal regions to the dry and dusty interior.

The Tire-Step is adjustable to fit a variety of tyre sizes on local and imported vehicles and carry a variety of weights and movements on the step.

The Tire-Step is the latest in a long line of innovative products from MAXE, which turns 25 this year. We are always looking for ways to make the consumer’s life just that little bit easier. That is why it is adjustable, so you can use your Tire-Step on a variety of vehicles and is ideal for a variety of different heights of people. Also of course, it has been tested for people of various weights.

Testing is a huge part of the R&D process. It typically takes up to 18 months to develop and test a new Bar, Sidestep or Screen guard and currently the team is working on 37 new projects.

The R&D team starts from the ground up with every product with the focus on the functionality of our products first and then the visual appeal.

We have tested the Tire-Step extensively, and we are conservatively comfortable in the Step being able to handle up to 120kg for extensive periods of time. We are always very aware of people’s safety and thus always are conservative with life expectancy claims on our products.

The MLA Tire-Step has been sprayed with salt spray for just more than 1000 hours to test hinges and coating. The steps are manufactured to best-in-class standards and to OEM standards. The Tire-Step will last a minimum of 5 years under high usage levels.

The MLA Tire-Step will be available for sale from August at MAXE fitment centres countrywide.